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Do not follow where path may lead "Go instead where there is no path And leave a trail."

From The Principal’s Desk

‘Education is the key to success in life and the teachers make a long lasting impact in the lives of their students’

WIt is a great honour and privilege to be the Principal of such an esteemed school, which stands for excellence, perfection and constantly trying to improve the standards of education. We at GNPS believe to teach students to read and think critically, solve problems and communicate effectively and to utilize technology in relevant ways throughout their school life. Education is a three tier system –students, staff and parents. The desired results can be obtained only with the active participation of all the three stakeholders. Parents are required to come to school not only during the PTMs but also whenever requested. Parental supervise regular studies at home will produce better results.

I would like to thank Almighty for pouring all blessings to us and leading the institution to a great success. GNPS, Siddharthnagar will be fully committed to provide quality education with the value based traditional ethos and pioneer for quality education.


Mrs. Ruchi Rai

Principle GNPS